Why give?

For over 85 years, the Yale Political Union has provided a space for students of all ideologies and backgrounds to share their perspectives. In a society becoming overwhelmed by echo chambers, we are determined to provide a forum for students to listen to their peers with whom they disagree. Developing and challenging one's principles has long been an integral part of a Yale education. In an increasingly polarized world, we find it imperative that students continue to listen and reevaluate their ideas.

Your generosity ensures that this mission is fulfilled. With minimal funding from the university, we rely primarily on donations in order to achieve our goals. Your gift enables the Union to continue its long history of crafting the next generation of thought leaders.


How to give

Donations by Venmo

Please send donations to @YalePoliticalUnion, and include contact information in the note.

Donations by PayPal

Please us this link to donate.

Donations by check

Please make checks payable to the Yale Political Union, and send to the following address:

The Yale Political Union
P.O. Box 201951
New Haven, CT 06520

Upon receiving your gift, we will send a confirmation, as well as information about the Union's tax deductible status as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.