The Party of the Left The Party of the Left was founded in 2006 by individuals who sought rigorous dialogue between competing strands of leftist thought. Our mission is to “bring discourse to the outside world and the outside world to discourse,” meaning that the Party of the Left serves as a vehicle for both developing leftist ideologies and enacting them, giving speeches and questioning them, making friends and organizing them. The Party convenes weekly to debate the issues that divide the Left and the world at large, delivering thoughtful speeches and asking tough questions. We disagree often, and loudly, because no idea is allowed to pass unchallenged on our floor. In the Party of the Left, we relentlessly challenge our members to provide a vision for what the Left is—and what it could become.
The Progressive Party Originally founded in 1962, the Progressive Party is the largest forum for those across the Left to deepen their understanding of what they believe, why they believe it, and to be able to more effectively defend those beliefs. The party dissolved in the 2000s, but a group of politically-minded students from outside the Union collaborated to renew participation and officially revived the party in the fall of 2019. The Progressive Party is unlike any other party in the Union. We continually create new traditions and reimagine what meaningful debate looks like today. Our debates excellently fuse intellectual rigor with light-hearted camaraderie, forging a deep community that extends beyond our debate floor.
The Independent Party The Independent Party is the oldest and largest party in the Union. We are the only party that does not formally align itself with either the Right or Left. Our motto is ‘Hear All Sides,’ an imperative that we strive to live by. Don’t confuse us for milquetoast moderates, though. At our weekly debates and social events, you will hear bold expressions of beliefs that resist the claustrophobic categories dominant in today’s politics. We pride ourselves on our openness, our tradition of lively yet respectful debate, and our intellectually-diverse while close-knit community.
The Federalist Party ​The Federalist Party is the youngest party of the Yale Political Union. It is a party for conservatives who seek to cultivate a knowledge of the ideas, cultural practices, and institutions that are essential to preserving the United States of America. Members of the Federalist Party coalesce around shared emphases upon traditional family values, religious faith, strong communal ties, and virtuous living, while viewing such modern social phenomena as the breakdown of the family, loss of religious faith, apathetic relativism, scientific materialism, and the homogeneity of suburban sprawl as causes for concern.
The Conservative Party The Conservative Party, Yale’s foremost philosophical debating society, is a haven for those who believe that ideas have consequences, and that the best of what has been thought and said by man deserves rigorous exploration. The members of the Conservative Party are not united by a single strand of the conventional political spectrum, but by a devotion to the production of principled and profound leaders, developed through critical inquiry and loyalty to Truth that so characterize our Western inheritance.
The Tory Party The Tory Party at Yale shoulders the difficult role of promoting conservatism at an overwhelmingly liberal university. We provide a space for frank, intellectual debate: all are welcome, but all views are subject to thoughtful rigor. Our wonderful history and traditions forge close, lasting friendships, and Tory events highlight members' weeks.
The Party of the Right Founded in 1953, an Institution dedicated to Conservatism reborn in Brotherhood, the Party of the Right has been described by the Yale Herald as "at once flamboyant, intellectually elitist, aggressive, mischievously subversive, eccentric, and maniacally eager to challenge anyone and everyone."